Jinan Tianrui Lubricating Oil Sales Co., Ltd.

ExxonMobil Authorized Distributor


Jinan Tianrui Lubricating Oil Sales Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, officially became ExxonMobil lubricating oil authorized dealer in 1998, is a comprehensive strength, modern, international whole-process system lubrication service enterprise.

Jinan tianrui lubricating oil sales co., LTD., focusing on manufacturing industry to provide scientific, accurate, reasonable, customized system lubrication services, always based on the liberation of lubrication problem solving, from the demand and market, constantly improve product application research, improve lubrication application service standardization and systematic, relying on thirty years of professional service experience and senior lubrication service engineer team, established the HPFS professional lubrication service system, formed a mature full service and hosting service lubrication service mode, with the growth of industrial enterprises, witness the rise of made in China.


Changchao Tian

CEO of Jinan Tianrui Lubricant Sales Co., Ltd.

Studied master of civil engineering at Griffith University in Australia before July 2012

From July 2012 to present, Jinan Tianrui Lubricant Sales Co., Ltd. CEO

Telephone:18678819531  E-mail: steven.cc.tian@jntianrui.com

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Jinan Tianrui Lubricating Oil Sales Co., Ltd.

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